Who is Britney Jean?

December 21, 2013

We interrupt your holiday movie marathon for an important Britney announcement: The all-new Britney Spears documentary I am Britney Jean premieres tonight at 9/8c on E!

The documentary is named after Britney’s new album, Britney Jean, which was released by RCA Records on November 29.

The two-hour exclusive will focus on Britney’s preparations for her upcoming Las Vegas residency, “Britney: Piece of Me,” which opens this Friday at Planet Hollywood. And ever since Britney released a teaser for the documentary on December 13 (yes, the very same day that Queen Bey shocked us with her overnight album drop), fans have been buzzing with questions:

  • Will the cast be able to handle the pressures of a “greatest hits” show?
  • How will Britney juggle the rigorous rehearsal schedule with her duties as a mom?
  • Did Britney really injure her neck?!

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned tonight to find out. But until then, feel free to watch this teaser on repeat to tide you over: