Who Says You Need Two Legs to Break-Dance?

August 25, 2014

We’ve met some pretty inspiring dancers over the years—dancers who’ve had to overcome incredible odds to continue following their dreams. For example, just this month, we met ballerina Maggie Kudirka, who hasn’t let her battle with breast cancer stop her from dancing. And today, we meet a young man who’s similarly determined:

(gif via BuzzFeed)

Without a left leg, this b-boy could’ve easily turned away from dance for good. Break-dancing requires an incredible amount of strength, after all. (Need we remind you of break-dancer Simon Ata’s not-so-chill workout regiment?) We couldn’t imagine having to distribute all that effort among only three limbs. But this guy could—and this guy did.

As you can see, he sent his audience members’ jaws to the floor when he threw aside his crutches for some seriously impressive floor work. And he’s been wowing YouTube viewers, as well: Various clips of his performance have racked up tens of thousands of views in the last week.

This b-boy blew our expectations away—not only does he navigate his body’s uniqueness, he embraces it, using it to enhance his overall performance. Check it out!

Our favorite part? When he comes out of the floor work with a perfectly controlled pirouette. That takes some serious balance. If you know anything more about this inspiring b-boy, fill us in!