Who's the Fairest Nut of All?

December 3, 2012

There are so many great Nutcrackers out there that choosing the “best” one would be like choosing a favorite child. This one’s adorable! But this one shows so much intelligence! And this one’s really, really, sparkly! (OK, maybe the simile kind of fell apart at the end there.)

Thankfully, we have Goldstar to do the picking for us. For the sixth year, the discount ticket site is giving out the Goldstar National Nutcracker Award, which goes to the The Nutcracker with the best member reviews and event rating on Goldstar. There’s also a cash prize that goes towards the winning organization’s education programs.

Goldstar just announced the more than 40 Nuts in the running. See your local fave on the list? Get your tickets through the site—and get voting!