Why You Should Know Dancing Duo Artyon Celestine and Paige Glenn

April 23, 2018

Yes, they’re quite possibly the cutest dance duo since, well, ever. But put Paige Glenn and Artyon Celestine onstage, and it’s immediately clear they mean business. That was apparent to millions across the country last summer, when Artyon and Paige’s unbelievable extensions, fearless turning, and infectious energy propelled them to the quarterfinals of “America’s Got Talent.” They’ve also appeared (together or individually) on “Little Big Shots,” “Lip Sync Battle Shorties,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and “Access Hollywood Live”—not to mention the competition titles they’ve won as a pair.

“Simon Cowell came backstage during ‘AGT’ and told us, ‘Go out there and do your best. They’re going to like you.’ “—Artyon

Fast Facts

9 (Paige) and turning 11 this month (Artyon)

October 6, 2008 (Paige) and May 1, 2007 (Artyon)

Murrieta, CA (Paige) and Wildomar, CA (Artyon)

Train at:
Academy of Ballet Arts in Murrieta, CA; Murrieta Dance Project in Murrieta, CA; ImmaBEAST in L.A.

Nicknames for each other:
Artyon-Artyon and Paigie-Waigie

Artists they’re dying to work with:
Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake

Three words to describe Paige’s dancing:
“Flexible, cool, professional” —Artyon

Three words to describe Artyon’s dancing:
“Funky, incredible, inspiring” —Paige

If Paige were a superhero, her power would be:
“Turning!” —Artyon

If Artyon were a superhero, his power would be:
“Flipping!” —Paige

Non-dance hobbies:
“Skating on my Heelys, riding my dirt bike, and having playdates with Paige.” —Artyon

“Doing art, playing baseball with my brother and my dad, and playdates with Artyon!” —Paige

A version of this story appeared in the May/June 2018 issue of
Dance Spirit with the title “You Should Know: Artyon Celestine and Paige Glenn.”