"World of Dance" Week 3 Recap: The Qualifiers, Take 3

June 9, 2020

Another episode of “World of Dance,” another week of qualifiers. But frankly, there’s no chance of us ever getting tired of this game of “getting to know you,” because week after week, “World of Dance” is bringing us some of the most talented dancers in the industry. We were absolutely blown away by last night’s talent—many of whom made it through to the Duels. Read on for our fave acts from last night’s episode.

Keagan Capps

Contemporary queen Keagan Capps brought the comp realness last night with her solo. Judge Derek Hough put it best when he called Capps “otherworldly”—she looked like an uber-flexible, Gumby-brought-to-life alien. But, as judge Jennifer Lopez pointed out, Capps also brought the emotional depth and technical strength to back that up. All three judges gave Capps the go-ahead to the Duels.

Josh & Erica

Urban duo Josh & Erica stunned last night, with a piece set to “Mount Everest” by Labrinth. (Will the “Euphoria” fans in the house please stand up?) They dazzled the judges with their undeniable chemistry, and their next-level musicality. All three judges are hoping to see Josh & Erica push themselves a little further in the future, but both J.Lo and Derek Hough sent the duo straight through to the Duels.


Oh, hello, Dance Spirit Cover Model Search finalist Diego Pasillas! We loved seeing a member of the Dance Spirit fam up on the “World of Dance” stage, so maybe we’re biased, but Diego and his fellow dancers blew us away. They had incredible chemistry, impeccable technique, fantastic emotional depth—everything the judges have been looking for this season. We felt like we were a part of the love triangle, too! Which might be why the judges were so impressed—all three sent MDC 3 on to the Duels.