"World of Dance" Week 15 Recap: Divisional Finals

September 5, 2018

We’re only a week away from finding out who will be the champion of “World of Dance.” But we’re getting ahead of ourselves because this week’s episode was lit. With the help of guest judge and all-around-wonder-woman Misty Copeland, the field of talented dance acts was narrowed from 12 to four. Read on to find out which acts won their division and who will be competing in the World Final next week.

Junior Division: Charity & Andres

Charity and Andres always put on a show, but last night they showed us why they’ve made it this far—because they’re dedicated. Despite a broken toe, Charity performed aerial tricks and jumps as if nothing was wrong. “As dancers, so much of our balance and groundedness comes from our feet, so the fact you could do that with a broken toe, just demonstrates what a powerful dancer you are,” Misty observed. And Andres got to shine as he pulled off some of the most impressive tricks we’ve seen him perform yet. Their overall score of 93 earned them the Junior Division Winners and lands them a spot in the World Final.

Junior Team: The Lab

Between The Fabulous Sisters’ fierce urban dance performance, The Rock Company’s dramatic contemporary number, and The Lab’s high-energy hip hop piece, it was truly difficult to decide who should represent the Junior Team division. But The Lab’s precise execution, choreography, creativity, and passion ultimately blew the judges away—so much so that Ne-Yo ran onto the stage jumping up and down. J. Lo said she “loved every disruptive minute” of their piece and that every single one of them deserved to be there. The team received a near perfect overall score and the highest of the night with a 99.8.

Upper Division: Michael Dameski

Karen y Ricardo and Ashley and Zack both gave rousing performances, but ultimately it was Michael Dameski’s ninja-style contemporary piece that stole the show and the Upper Division title. The perfectly executed routine was explosive, with the added element of raw emotion, which brought a whole other dimension to Dameski’s dancing. He earned his 97.8 overall score fair and square, and has us wondering if he might be the final champion.

Upper Team: S-Rank

Between Poreotics, The Ruggeds, and S-Rank it was hard to tell who would take the title as Upper Team Champion. But S-Rank’s space-themed performance was out of this world. The whole group was completely in-sync and performed with a remarkable amount of control. “That got me feeling everything… I love you guys,” Misty told the hip-hop crew. Honestly, same. And if love from the dance-goddess herself wasn’t enough, S-Rank won the Upper Team Division title with an overall score of 94.