"World of Dance" Week 2 Recap: Talent Abounds

March 3, 2019

If there was one takeaway from last night’s episode of “World of Dance,” it’s that this show truly does attract the best of the best. It seems statistically impossible to have so many talented dancers in one place, but somehow, “Qualifiers 2” introduced us to a whole new group of hopeful contestants, each of whom blew our minds and warmed our hearts. Which acts from last night will be joining last week’s lucky bunch? Read on to find out!

Kayla Mak

There’s nothing like seeing ballet get a mainstream moment, and we couldn’t have picked a better dancer to do it. Our girl Kayla’s got the tricks—and the technique to back it up. She wowed the judges with her stable pointe work, insane extensions, and pristine musicality, sailing through to the Duels with a 90.3.

Briar Nolet

It’s no secret
that Briar was made for the stage—her #smize was literally radiating through our TVs. For her Qualifiers performance, she pulled out all the stops, using every trick in her toolbox (540? Check. Illusion turn? Check. Worm? Death-drop? Back handspring? Check, check, and check). But between all the flashy skills, Briar showed off seamless transitions and exceptional musicality. The judges were blown away (as were we), awarding her an 87.3—enough to take her to the Duels.

Fuego Dance Crew

You know you’re advancing to the Duels if you manage to get Derek out of his seat less than 45 seconds into your performance. Fuego Dance Crew turned in one of the greatest routines of the night, transitioning from miming to hip hop to hard-hitting tricks seemingly every 8-count. Their visual storytelling abilities are some of the best we’ve seen on the “WOD” stage. The judges agreed, giving them a 93.7 and a trip to the Duels.

Dancetown Divas

The minute we the saw their ombré fringe jumpsuits, we knew these dancers were going to give us one of our favorite routines of the night. The Dancetown Divas brought the heat with them from Miami and left it all on the “WOD” stage. Their performance had no shortage of sass, hip action, aerials, and momentum. We never wanted it to end, and neither did the judges—they awarded the team an 87.3, enough to advance to the Duels.