"World of Dance" Week 11 Recap: One Step Closer

August 15, 2018

I never thought we’d make it here, you guys, but after 11 grueling weeks of competition and five rounds of Duels, “World of Dance” will enter The Cuts phase of the show next week. The talent is unreal this season, which makes the goodbyes that much harder. Last night, during the last round of The Duels, we witnessed a mass exodus, as only six acts advanced to the final round. My heart still hurts a little, and I’ve got no more tears left to cry, but I’ll pull it together to recap the evening for you.

Victoria Caban vs. Mishella & Daniel

First up was pint-sized flamenco dancer Victoria Caban—and she was 🔥. Victoria wowed both the judges and the audience with her fierce footwork and intense passion, while dancing to “Havana” by Camila Cabello. J.Lo gushed, even saying “You killed that routine.” Victoria had some intense competition, though. She was up against the sassy, tiny ballroom duo Mishella & Daniel, who J.Lo dubbed a “mini Derek.” The pair brought all the energy and Derek was super impressed by their technique, but in the end, Victoria pulled through and made it to the next round.

Brotherhood vs. Embodiment

So, ICYMI, Embodiment is actually Rudy Abreu and his crew, and a version of the piece they performed last night also won them an award at the Capezio A.C.E. Awards earlier this month. How crazy is that?! #WorldsColliding. That being said, last night, the group whipped out one of their best performances yet. It was powerful, super-precise, and full of gravity-defying tricks. The judges were moved, and J. Lo said, “it’s so beautiful to see a group of strong men be so vulnerable.” We couldn’t agree more. But their fellow Duelin’ competitor also brought their A-game. Brotherhood, a male hip hop crew, came to fight (literally, they were dressed in camo) and dominated with an intense piece and the coolest choreo—they even threw down some pretty dang good ballet moves in a friendly nod to their competition. In the end, Embodiment squeezed through to the next round by only .6 of a point.

Madison Brown vs. Elektro Elite

We seriously can’t get enough of fabulous comp queen Madison Brown. She is in this competition to win it and we’re calling it: she’s goin’ alllll the way. Madison performed a stunning piece that was equal parts grace and equal parts power. Her lines and flexibility are gorgeous, but it’s her mature emotional performances that really make her stand out. She reigned supreme and moved on The Cuts.