"World of Dance" Recap: And Then There Were Three

August 1, 2017

Everyone had their game faces on last night, as the final six “World of Dance” acts competed for a coveted spot in the World Finals. To say that all of them #slayed on the dance floor would be an understatement of epic proportions. Here’s the low down on who emerged victorious— and who ended their journey toward the $1 million prize.

Team Division:

Kinjaz lived up to its name with a ninja-inspired routine. Their precision was impressive, but in the end their energy level just wasn’t high enough, leaving them with a score of 92.3. On the other hand, Swing Latino’s explosive energy was almost as inspiring as their tribute to their heritage: at the beginning of their routine, one of the dancers twirled in a giant dress made of flags from Latin American countries. Their score of 94.7 made them the winners of the Team Division.

Upper Division

The dancing duel between Keone & Mari and Les Twins was a hard call. Keone & Mari delivered one of their best performances of the show with a whimsical Fred Astair-style dance that packed the right combo of emotion and technique. Neo was so blown away he gave the couple a perfect 100; their overall score was 95.

But Les Twins delivered a jaw-dropping performance despite an injury that left one of them in a wheelchair! The resourceful duo used the injury to their advantage with a routine about a businessman who comes across a homeless man. They earned a standing ovation,—and a spot in the Finals, with an overall score of 97.7.

Junior Division

We hate to say it, but Diana Pombo’s “Alice in Wonderland”-themed routine fell flat. The girl’s got moves, but the choreography lacked depth and didn’t allow her to show off her skills, earning her a less-than-stellar score of 89.3.

And Eva Igo stole the show with her emotive expressions and perfect musicality. She danced with a maturity far beyond her years in a “Lost World”-themed number that blew everyone away. With a score of 96.7, she nabbed a spot in the Finals.