"World of Dance" Recap: Let the Cuts Begin

July 18, 2017

Guys, we all knew this was coming—”World of Dance” was eventually going to eliminate someone. But man, is it brutal to watch these talented dancers give their all, only to be sent home. It’s the name of the game, though, and after last night’s episode, only two dancers per division remain. (At least Misty Copeland guest-judging was a silver lining!) Here’s what went down last night:

Eva Igo and Diana Pombo Are Repping the Junior Division

These two seasoned comp ladies truly know how to sell it. Eva’s super chilling routine to “Creep” checked off all the boxes. Her technique was on point, her facials were so genuine, and her musicality is just beyond. Diana’s piece, set to “Rise Up” by Andra Day, was the epitome of gumby-girl perfection—that girl can bend (and dance!). The judges agreed, awarding Eva 92.5 points and Diana 92, which meant the Mihacevich Sisters, ImmaBEAST, and the Lab were sent packing. We absolutely love all three groups and have a funny feeling we’ll be seeing them around, everywhere, all the time.

Swing Latino and Super Cr3w Kicked Off the Team Competition

The cuts for teams don’t commence until next week, so we have time to recover from this week’s goodbyes 😭 Swing Latino and Super Cr3w got things started last night, though, both performing and impressing the judges. Swing Latino blew away the judges with their insane tricks, earning a score of 92.5 points, while Super Cr3w’s clean, precise moves earned them an 88.8 (though the judges emphasized they could’ve executed everything just a bit better 🤔 ).

So, do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you just want everyone to win and be happy and eat cupcakes because they’re all so talented? (I do! 🙋 ) The cuts continue into next week, and we’ll be waiting with bated breath. Until next time!