'World of Dance' Recap: Let's Duel This Again

June 20, 2017

You guys, I feel so sorry for the “World of Dance” judges: Their job is so freaking tough. Every single one of the acts from last night’s episode was absolutely amazing. How could you even THINK about picking a winner in each of the night’s four duels?! Luckily, those hard choices are up to the judges, and we just get to enjoy the jaw-dropping dancing.

Quick Style vs. Keone & Mari

Normally, we’d pick Keone & Mari as the winners of any dance battle, hands down, but Quick Style is no joke. Not only did they learn from none other than the Madrids themselves, but they won Norway’s Got Talent in 2009. In the end, the win went to Team Dance Spirit—Keone & Mari, of course!

Eva Igo vs. KynTay

Speaking of Team DS, last night we got to see Dance Spirit cover girl Taylor Hatala and partner in crime Kyndall Harris go up against contemporary princess Eva Igo. KynTay brought the fun and the fierce, but in the end the sheer intensity of Igo’s performance won over the judges.

Swing Latino vs. Miami All-Stars

This one was a real toughie, IMO. Acrobatic, red-hot ballroom dance or explosively energetic Broadway-style swing? J.Lo & co. picked Swing Latino, but I really, really hope we’ll see more from both groups in the future—they’re just too evenly matched for this to have been the last battle ever.

Fik-Shun vs. Nick Daniels

Fik-Shun, please stop. It’s really unfair to the other guys that you’re just so perfect. Daniels brought his A-game, complete with soaring jumps, craaaaaazy flexibility and heartwrenching emotion, but it seems nobody is stranger (read: awesomer) than Fik-Shun.

Did your favorites triumph in this first week of duels? Make sure to watch with us next week for more unbelievable “WOD” antics!