"World of Dance" Recap: Lots of Familiar Faces, Lots of Amazing Dancing

June 13, 2017

We’re three weeks into NBC’s “World of Dance,” and we mean it when we say: this show just keeps getting better and better. Last night’s episode was especially fun as a whole bunch of DS favorites showed off their stuff on that big, shiny stage.

First up? Former DS cover boy and High Strung star, Ian Eastwood! He and his group, the “Young Lions,” were super charismatic, which isn’t surprising, since Eastwood choreographed the routine, so naturally it was filled with the personality and spice he’s known for. But what was surprising was the energy, which wasn’t always there—and the judges noticed. They got a pretty decent score (83.7), but had to promise they’d up the ante for next week (which, obviously they will).

Next up in the DS family reunion? The Jabbawockeez, making their triumphant TV return. And seriously, it was everything. Watching this crew literally never gets old. (I mean, they won “America’s Best Dance Crew” NINE YEARS AGO!!! THEY COULD 100% DO IT AGAIN.) Obviously, the judges agreed, because they got an 86.7. But the best part, IMO, was when the judges asked why they wanted to be on TV again. Their answer? “We’re still growing. It never stops. We live this, and we only want to grow.” #PREACH.

And last, but certainly not least, we’ve got Taylor Hatala and Kyndall Harris, who dubbed themselves “Kyntay” for their “WOD” performance. It was the complete Hatala-Harris package: clean moves, full-out dancing, and a whole lotta #face. These two didn’t make it into the next round, but we’ve got a feeling that they’ll be up to something amazing really soon.

“WOD” is getting real, people. Our advice to you for next week? Watch it! Wherever you are! Whatever you’re doing! We’ll catch you right here for another recap!