"World of Dance" Recap: May the Odds Be Ever in Their Favor

July 11, 2017

Last night, “World of Dance” returned for a third week of duels, and in the words of J.Lo, contestants “are going into the lion’s den right now, and you have to go for blood.” Um, anyone else getting some serious Hunger Games vibes? “WOD” is not messing around. Tbh, we have no idea how the judges pick between some of our favorite dancers and crews (can you say impossible?!), but that’s exactly what they had to do again last night. Read on to see who made it through to the next round.

ImmaBEAST vs. Mini ReQuest

Oof. Both of these groups consist of some of the fiercest hip hop littles in the dance world, and both came out and seriously slayed. Ultimately, the victory went to ImmaBEAST: The judges lauded them for their fabulous display of personality.

The Mihacevich Sisters vs. D’Angleo & Amanda

Pitting a contemporary trio against a ballroom duo doesn’t really seem fair, but that’s the name of the game during “WOD” duels. D’Angelo & Amanda gave it their all in a high-energy and flashy Latin number, but had one minor mishap and didn’t end up wowing the judges. The Mihacevich Sisters narrowly won after the judges warned them not to present the same thing over and over. Although the trio’s facility isn’t the best we’ve ever seen, their stage presence really was stunning. And #sorrynotsorry, we’ll never be over watching dances set to Sia.

Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions vs. Rouge vs. Jabbawockeez

Last night went out with a bang, as “WOD” saved the biggest battle for last: a three-way competition. 😱 And, yes, it was just as suspenseful as it sounds. First up was Rouge. The judges were disappointed with the all-girl group’s choreography, and said the piece was a little sloppy in areas. Next came Jabbawockeez, followed by Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions, who both presented really strong, dynamic pieces. And even though we were really hoping Rouge would stay in the comp all the way, because #girlpower and all, Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions and Jabbawockeez came out (deservedly) victorious.

Make sure to watch the first week of The Cuts next Tuesday night, and check back here Wednesday morning for all of our favorite moments.