"World of Dance" Recap Week 9: The Duels are Done

July 28, 2020

This week, the remaining Junior dancers took the stage to duel for a spot in the Semifinals, and tWitch gave two more acts on the chopping block a chance for redemption. Here are the winners of the final round of duels.

Bailey and Kida

These two are no strangers to the TV-dance competition world, but they are fairly new to dancing as a pair. The judges were concerned that the duo lacked chemistry, especially when compared to their opponents, James and Harris. However, the quality of their isolations and their commitment to the performance propelled them into the Semifinal round. tWitch called them “architects of sound,” and challenged them to push their dancing even further in future weeks of the competition.

Keagan Capps

The judges said that between Keagan Capps and Maddy Penney, whichever dancer best moved the judges in their heart would win the round. As soon as Keagan hit her first impressive extension and turned her face to gaze at the audience, the judges were sold on both her emotional connection and her stellar technique. Derek did warn her that her future routines would need more dancing between each beautiful picture.

The Young Cast

tWitch selected contemporary pair James and Harris and Canadian hip-hop crew The Young Cast to battle it out for the final spot in the Semifinals. James and Harris once again showcased their amazing connection, but after a few tiny bobbles and timing issues, the judges ultimately chose The Young Cast for the final spot in the Semifinals, thanks to their “Super Bad, Super Slick” James Brown routine.

Tune in next week as the dancers hit the “WOD” stage for the first round of the Semifinals.