"World of Dance" Week 7 Recap: The Duels 2.0

July 14, 2020

This week we were back in battle for another set of Duels, and every act stepped on the floor ready to win. tWitch put it best last night: The task of judging two very different pieces of art makes for really tough decisions. Here are some of the acts that impressed the judges.

Josh & Erica

The charismatic duo took a pretty big risk using suspenders as props for this routine, but the results totally surpassed the judges’ expectations. Their performance was daring and dramatic, but it was unfortunately not enough to send them to the Semifinals. Instead, the judges opted for contemporary duo Jake & Chau, who wowed them with gravity-defying lifts and intricate partner work.

Géométrie Variable

The trio’s mind-melting performance this week gave us all kinds of flipbook and kaleidoscope vibes, and meshed perfectly with Flume’s “Never Be Like You.” The judges unanimously voted them on to the Semifinals—but all was not lost for their dueling competitors, Oxygen…


tWitch gave this crew a coveted chance at redemption, and they did not disappoint. In “one of the best precision routines on the show,” according to J.Lo, the group blew us away with their musicality, coordination, and funkiness. The judges loved the routine so much they were actually upset that this group needed redemption in the first place—a reminder to all the contestants to never hold back with their performances.

Tune in next week as the competition continues to heat up in the next round of Duels!