"World of Dance" Week 16 Recap: Season 2 Finale

September 12, 2018

This is it, guys. The answer to the question we’ve been asking ALL SUMMER LONG is finally here: Who went home with the $1 million dollar prize?!

Let’s get right to it. Your Season 2 “World of Dance” winner is….

THE LAB!!! 🏆👏✨👑

The kids of The Lab (NBC/Universal via Newsweek)

The super-fierce, pint-size hip hoppers we’ve been loving since day one, have done the impossible. They were awarded the top prize as a JUNOR TEAM. Yep, that’s right, they competed against professionals and adults and still came out on top. That is pretty dang impressive. And tbh, they deserved it. They consistently presented the highest-energy, most-precise routines, that were just plain fun to watch. Congrats The Lab! Check out a compilation video of all their performances throughout the season below and read on for a recap of the other amazing performances from last night’s World Finals.

The acts that competed in the World Finals last night were: The Lab (Junior Team), Michael Dameski (Upper), Charity and Andres (Junior) and S-Rank (Upper Team). Each act performed twice and the competition was INTENSE. The first song was picked by the judges who were acting as each competitor’s mentor, and the second song was picked by the groups themselves. We were also treated to 🔥 performances by not just the contestants, but by the judges and Season 1 stars, as well. It was quite the evening.

Michael Dameski (Upper)

The Australian contemporary star ended up placing in second last night with a score of 96. His performance to 2WEI’s “Survivor” (his choice) was so powerful and featured some of the impressive jumps he’s whipped out all season. Not a bad last impression to make. We’re gonna call it now: He’s definitely goin’ down in “WOD” history.

Charity and Andres

Contemporary took both the runner-up slots last night, with Charity and Andres finishing in third with a score of 94.3. The duo has been charming audiences all season and last night was no exception. They wowed again with their signature chemistry, raw emotion, and technically impressive partnering tricks. Their performance to Lido’s remix of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” (picked by their mentor Derek), was truly one of their best routines of the entire season.


S-Rank brought their A-game last night and left their all on that stage. Their mentor J.Lo picked “Headband” by B.o.B. as their first performance song and it was everything we could ever want from a hip hop team. Ne-Yo called it a “million-dollar performance” and Derek said, “There is a reason why you guys won your division … you all are incredible.”