"World of Dance" Recap Week 11: Last Stop Before the Finals

August 11, 2020

The remaining six acts finally had their first chance to dance on the “World of Dance” stage—and for four of them, it would be their last. The judges had their work cut out for them, but knew they had to search for what Neyo dubbed the “World of Dance” million-dollar standard. Here are the two acts rounding out the top four, plus one more that received a standing “O” from the judges.


The contemporary hip hop group from the Netherlands came back with a vengeance this week after nearly being eliminated during the duels. Their incredibly musical choreography combined elements of tutting, krumping, and breaking, and was deemed “moving art” by Neyo. J.Lo declared the group could be dangerous if they made it to the finals, and a score of 96.3 sent them through.

Jake and Chau

It was a battle of the contemporary groups for the remaining spot in the finals. Jake and Chau were ready to risk it all, performing one jaw-dropping turn-into-extension-into-lift-into-back tuck sequence that could have seriously injured someone if it weren’t done so flawlessly. The duo’s silky transitions, impressive partnering, and heartwarming chemistry earned them a score of 95.3, which left them sitting comfortably in the top two for most of the night, until…


Comp circuit darlings MDC3 brought an emotionally raw piece, based on the fight against cancer faced by the mother of one of the dancers. The story and technical execution were spot-on, and there wasn’t a dry eye left onstage, in the audience, or behind the judge’s table. With a score of 96.7, MDC3 took the top spot of the night, edging Jake and Chau out of the top two and sending them home.

The stage is set, and now it’s Jefferson y Adrianita, Géométrie Variable, Oxygen, and MDC3 left to compete in the finals for the “World of Dance” title and, of course, the million-dollar prize. Tune in tonight (!!) for the season finale.