"World of Dance" Recap Week 10: Welcome to the Semifinals

August 4, 2020

Last night, the “World of Dance” contestants entered a new phase of the competition—and with that came their first opportunity to dance on the official “World of Dance” stage. This week turned on the lights, smoke, and effects, and the dancers brought their A-game to match. While only two of the six acts could advance to the World Finals, each performance showed off exactly why they made the top 12. Here are the two acts advancing to the finals this week, and one that narrowly missed the top of the leaderboard.

Jefferson y Adrianita

This salsa-dancing couple brought some of the most authentic chemistry of the night, but how could they not, with their son Derek (yes, named for that Derek) in the audience? Their energy was electric, their footwork crisp, and they brought tricks that even Derek had never seen done before. Neyo said a few of the lifts looked labored, but J.Lo thought they were perfectly in step. Their performance netted them a 94.3, the highest score of the night, and sent them spinning into the final round.

Géométrie Variable

The tutting trio from France continue to impress, but the judges wondered how the group could keep their very specific and unique style feeling fresh. Any reservations were blown away when the trio whipped out an umbrella and seamlessly incorporated it like a fourth dancer. The piece opted for a laid back and smooth vibe to show off the group’s confidence without being overworked. A score of 94 secured them the second spot in the final round.

The Young Crew

We’re not at the final round yet, and already The Young Crew have battled their way back from the edge of elimination. They were the only act in the entire contest to compete in every round so far, including winning last week’s redemption duel. Their “Bohemian Rhapsody” routine was clean, but not quite enough to earn a top-two spot. Once Géométrie Variable knocked them to third place, the judges sent them home with a standing ovation.

Tune in next week when the other six semifinalists take the stage to show the judges why they deserve to compete in the World Finals!