"World of Dance" Week 4 Recap: Upping the Ante

June 19, 2018

Where to begin?! We’re still picking our jaw up off the floor after last night’s insanely impressive “World of Dance” episode, one that was so jam-packed with standout performances and familiar faces, we don’t even know how to recap it in all its glory! (!!!) Without further ado, here’s what went down last night:

Ruby Castro and Jonas Terleckas’ Performance Made Us Sign Up for Ballroom Classes

These two are OUT. OF. CONTROL. Ruby’s been a DS favorite for years, with stints on “SYTYCD” and “America’s Got Talent” (not to mention, she’s a comp-circuit regular!). But paired with Jonas? This duo is unstoppable. Clad in one of the greatest bodysuits we’ve ever seen, Ruby showed off her insane flexibility, musicality, and technique, alongside the equally-as-magnetic Jonas, who clearly knows a thing or two about stage presence (those facials!). The judges loved it, J.Lo requested even more sparkles on their costumes (we concur—never enough sparkles), and they moved on with a score of 84.7.

Lucas Marinetto Tapped His Way Into Our Heart

It’s hard to explain how warm and fuzzy we feel when we see tap being represented on such a big stage. Couple that with a routine that’s about working through a challenging father-son relationship, and we’re a total puddle. So, major kudos to Lucas Marinetto. He brought out his fanciest footwork for last night’s performance, which dealt with his relationship with his father, who wanted him to be an athlete instead of a dancer. The whole thing—from the message, to his snazzy, sleek tap shoes, to the musicality—was total fire. 🔥 And luckily, the judges realized it, too, awarding Lucas an 82.7, sending him onward to The Duels!

Expressenz Solidified Their All-Star Pirouette Status

What is better than seeing a perfectly-executed series of pirouettes? NOTHING. Case in point? Expressenz’s absolutely bonkers turn on the “WOD” stage. Hailing from Indianapolis, IN, Expressenz is a mainstay on the competition scene, so it’s doubly awesome to see them competing on the show. The girls wowed the judges with their emotion, their storytelling, and, obviously, their turns. Their score of 87 moves them on to The Duels!

Eva Igo’s Performance Earned Her a 95

This comeback kid is in it to win it this year. Earlier in the week, we premiered Eva’s performance, so don’t miss it! Her 95 proves that she is here to take the title, and we can’t wait to watch her as the weeks progress!

As always, tune in next week for another recap—over and out!