"World of Dance" Week 6 Recap: Let the Duels Begin!

June 30, 2020

The Duels are one of our favorite aspects of “World of Dance.” There’s nothing like seeing such talented dancers going all-out, head to head, for a shot at performing on the iconic “World of Dance” stage. And this season’s first week of Duels did not disappoint.

As an added bonus, our eternal fave tWitch joined the “WOD” judges this week to aid in the Duels decision-making process. What did he and the judges think of the performances? Read on to find out.

Jefferson & Adriantia

The judges chose to have the two Latin-style duos, Jefferson & Adrianitaand Luca & Allesandra, face off. And while both couples completely slayed, we were blown away by Jefferson & Adrianita’s technical, passionate performance. The judges decided unanimously that Jefferson & Adrianita won the Duel.


Pitting The Rise against UPeepz—two strong, dynamic hip-hop crews—was a smart move by the judges. From the get-go, we were hooked on Upeepz’s performance. Yes, that was partly because it reminded us of one of our favorite vintage “So You Think You Can Dance” routines. But beyond the bellhop uniforms, UPeepz delivered a tight, high-energy routine, with some serious shade-throwing at the end. UPeepz won the Duels 2-1.

Kurtis Sprung

Finally, the judges had contemporary phenom Kurtis Sprung go up against dynamic duo Styles & Emma. TBH, both performances had us in. Our. Feels. But Kurtis’s emotional routine (dedicated to his girlfriend, aww) stole our hearts. (And the last name “Sprung” is totally right for Kurtis—he can really jump!) The judges voted 2-1 for him to win the Duel.

Next week, the Duels will continue, and guest judge tWitch will bring back two eliminated acts to the Redemption stage. Who are you hoping to see?