"World of Dance" Week 3 Recap: Back Where They Belong

June 12, 2018

In the wonderful world of reality-TV dance competitions, there’s perhaps nothing so wonderful as a comeback kid—the artist who, having danced their way to an elimination on a past season, is brave and passionate enough to return to that very same stage and prove their skill once again. And last night, we got the chance to see two past “World of Dance” fan favorites return to fight (or, um, dance) it out one more time and earn their chance at redemption.

In fact, those comeback kids—Taylor (Hatala) and Josh (Beauchamp)—were the high scorers of the night (at 93.3 points). They competed separately last season but have joined forces this summer to absolutely astounding effect, bringing the razor-sharp hits and can’t-help-but-grin-along-with-them charisma. We’re willing to bet that never before has a chair felt so necessary or so new in a piece of choreo. (Watch up until the very end, when judges Derek Hough and J.Lo get in on the furniture fun!)

Of course, it wouldn’t be “World of Dance” without some freaky-impressive fresh faces. World, meet the Elektro Botz. We’d say that their name says it all, except that it really doesn’t: The trio’s flawlessly synchronized robotic choreo finds its perfect match in their delightfully human performance quality, a combo that netted the cyborg squad an overall score of 89. Plus, their charming-yet-jaw-dropping routine brought back Owl City’s delicious earworm “Fireflies.” No wonder audience and judges alike collectively lost their minds for the robots.

Last but sooooooooo not least: Michael Dameski. His name might sound familiar to you from Kyle Hanagami’s latest video, but until you’ve seen this solo to Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy,” don’t fool yourself by thinking you know anything about this guy. He manages to perform astonishing feats of technique while maintaining a sense of danger and spontaneity that’s super-rare. As J.Lo herself said, “It had a sense of keeping you on the edge of your seat and it was exciting.” 92.7 for you, Michael. You GO, Michael!