You Could Be in the Next "Dancers Among Us" Book

March 29, 2017

Even if you don’t already know Jordan Matter’s name, you definitely know his work. He’s the photographer behind the fabulous “Dancers Among Us” series, which features talented dancers doin’ their impressive thing in everyday locations.

Now Matter’s at work on a new book, Tiny Dancers Among Us, featuring photos of kid and teen dancers. He started working on the project a couple years back; so far, the results have been both awesome and, in the case of the littlest littles, totally adorable.

But it gets awesomer. Right now, Matter is hosting a photo contest, looking for two talented kids—from anywhere in the country—to feature in the Tiny Dancers Among Us book. Send him your best dance pics and your personal story, and he might end up flying to your hometown for a photo shoot.

Find out more about the contest here—and hey, maybe we’ll be seeing you in print in the not-so-distant future!