Why You Should Know Hip-Hop Beast Alysa Guiterrez-Sierra

March 12, 2020

Alysa Gutierrez-Sierra may look shy and sweet, but the young street dancer knows a thing or two about tearing up the dance floor and working a crowd. Alysa’s big break came when she danced on Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour in 2016. One year later, her family moved from New Jersey to L.A., and she’s been dancing professionally ever since. Alyssa has performed with Meghan Trainor, Gwen Stefani, and DJ Khaled, and has even delved into acting, appearing on Season 5 of “Mani” on Brat TV. Catch her on tour this season as a Hollywood Vibe JV Dance Company member.

Fast Facts

Full name:
Alysa Leilani Gutierrez-Sierra

Kearny, NJ

August 21, 2008

Training routine:
“I take two to three classes a day, and mostly go to auditions.”

Trains at:
Millennium Dance Complex, TMILLYTV, and Playground LA

Favorite performance:
“The Radio Disney Music Awards with Meghan Trainor. I used to dance to all her songs at home, and I never thought I’d be able to actually dance with her!”

Three words to describe her dancing:
Sassy, fierce, passionate

Favorite thing about dance:
“You get to express yourself in different ways depending on the style.”

Photo by Erique Mitchell, courtesy Alysa

Favorite styles:
Hip-hop and jazz-funk

Nondance hobbies:
“I like to sing, read mystery books, and act!”

Favorite movie:
The Game Plan

Place she’d love to visit:
Puerto Rico

Dance idols:
Matt Steffanina, Nicole Laeno, Tati McQuay, Josh Killacky, and Bailey Muñoz

Advice for other dancers:
“Never give up on your dreams, because if you work hard and put time into it, eventually you can achieve anything.”

Where she sees herself in 10 years:
“When I grow up, I want to be the next J. Lo. She started off as a dancer like me, then went into acting like me, and singing, which I want to do next. I want to have my own clothing and makeup lines like her too.”

Dream superpower:

Favorite foods:
Spaghetti with meatballs, pancakes, pizza