Why You Should Know Jazz Funk Phenom Gabby Rembert

October 12, 2021

With laser-sharp focus and dynamite dynamics no matter the style, Gabrielle Rembert is ready to take the industry by storm. At just 5′ 2″, the 17-year-old takes up space and commands attention through her movement like a seasoned pro.

A West Orange, NJ, native, Gabby first began dancing at her mother’s studio, now called Concepts Dance Academy, and quickly realized she wanted to dance professionally. These days, Gabby commutes into NYC almost every day to train with Steps Youth Program, Broadway Dance Center’s Children and Teen Program, and Move|NYC|. Gabby has performed on “Good Morning America” and at the Rockefeller Center Christmas–tree lighting, and even assisted choreographer Charles Smith at the 2018 Brooklynettes auditions.

This season, Gabby’s looking forward to touring with Revel Dance Convention as an assistant, as well as her fifth year in the Tremaine Performance Company. According to Gabby, balancing high school with a stacked lineup of training and touring has always been difficult, but she “wouldn’t trade it for the world,” especially because she knows she’s on her way to achieving her dreams: “In five or so years, I see myself graduating from USC, and hopefully either touring with a pop artist, in a professional contemporary company, or in Hamilton on Broadway.”

Gabrielle Rembert stands on her right leg (forced-arch), with her left leg in scorpion, and her left arm reaching forward. Gabrielle RembertPhoto by Matt KarasCourtesy of MOVE|NYC|

Fast Facts

December 22nd, 2003

West Orange, NJ

Dance studios:
Steps Youth Program, Broadway Dance Center Children and Teen Program, Move|NYC|, Concept Dance Academy

Two words to describe her dancing:
Dynamic, powerful,

Favorite thing about dance:
“Being able to entertain others and make them feel something with the movement that I share.”

Favorite styles:
Jazz, hip hop, contemporary, ballroom

Favorite teachers:
Keenan Cooks, Charles Smith, Lisa Harvie, Miles Keeney, Gwen Potter, Nijawwon Matthews, Maleek Washington

Favorite performance:
“My recital at Concepts Dance Academy in June 2020. It was super-special, since it was the studio’s first one since COVID-19, and I hadn’t done a recital in years.”

Advice for other dancers:
“Chanel DaSilva, co-director of Move|NYC|, always says ‘Nothing to prove, only to share.’ If you walk into the room with a sharing heart and kind attitude, doors will open for you, and people will invite you in and want to work with you. Another thing I would tell dancers is to speak your goals into existence.”

Dream artist collaboration:
“I’d love to dance for Beyoncé—you can’t go wrong with her.”

Favorite TV show:
“Law and Order SVU”

Favorite food:
Mac and cheese

Nondance hobbies:
Photography, painting, drawing

Place she’d love to visit:

Dream dance mentor:
Frank Hatchett

Most common dance correction she gets:
“Keeping my shoulders down, and articulating my feet”