You Should Know: Gabe De Guzman

June 15, 2015

First and foremost, Gabe De Guzman is an entertainer. Whether he’s digging into choreography by hip hop’s hottest artists or capping off a freestyle routine with his signature jump turn into a James Brown split, the 14-year-old uses every second onstage to thrill his audience. Gabe’s impressive resumé reflects that devotion: After landing his first major gig with Bruno Mars at age 10, he went on to work with Will Smith, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, in addition to appearing in a Microsoft Surface commercial and on Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up.” In February, Gabe added yet another superstar performance to his list when he danced with Missy Elliott at Katy Perry’s Super Bowl XLIX half-time show.

(Photo by Stefani Bullard, courtesy Bullard)

“My goal is to be known as more than just a hip-hop dancer. That’s why
I push myself to take classes in so many different styles—especially ballet.”

: February 20, 2001

: Murrieta, CA

Dance studio
: Temecula Dance Company

Go-to freestyle song
: “Uptown Funk,” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

Dance mentors
: Tricia Miranda, Erik Saradpon and Will “WilldaBeast” Adams

If he had a super power, it would be
…super speed. “I’d never have to learn to drive—so I’d save gas and the earth!”

Dream job
: dancing on tour with Usher

Favorite school subject
: math

Favorite foods
: homemade Filipino egg rolls and sushi

His advice for
: “Ballet, ballet, ballet—especially for boys! It’s the foundation for everything.”