Why You Should Know Comp Queen Keagan Elle Capps

September 30, 2020

Not only does 14-year-old Keagan Capps have insane flexibility, but she uses it to the fullest extent (pun intended). And her ability to nail a range of emotions and musical accents draws audiences in. Keagan took home the title of National Junior Best Dancer at The Dance Awards in 2019. This past summer, she took her talents to a global stage, competing on Season 4 of “World of Dance” in the Junior division.

Fast Facts

Full name:
Keagan Elle Capps

July 19, 2006

Moore, OK

Trains at:
The Pointe Performing Arts Center, Oklahoma City, OK

3 words to describe her dancing:
Fierce, emotional, tricky

Favorite thing about dance:
“I love being able to inspire others and tell any kind of story or emotion through movement.”

Favorite styles:
Ballet and contemporary

Nondance hobbies:
Traveling, art, shopping, and hair & makeup

Favorite TikTok dances:
“Renegade” and “Savage”

Favorite show or movie:
The Greatest Showman and Frozen 2. I also love ‘World of Dance,’ of course!”

Favorite musical artists:
Billie Eilish, Dermot Kennedy, Celine Dion, and Jennifer Lopez

Photo by Katie Goughgan, courtesy Becca Newman

Place she’d love to visit:

Dance idols:
Tate McRae, Ella Horan, and Diego Pasillas

Advice for other dancers:
“When you go onstage to perform, instead of being nervous, trust that you’ve put in the practice to go out and kill it.”

What’s your training routine?
“I typically train 30-plus hours a week. I’m pretty much at the studio all day.”

Favorite performance:
“Performing my solo at The Dance Awards last year was my favorite.”

Where she sees herself in five years:
“When I’m older, I’m hoping to either be auditioning for dance jobs or going to school for dance at USC Kaufman.”

Favorite foods:
Mushrooms, chicken, and Brussels sprouts