You Should Know: Soni Bringas

March 6, 2016

“I’ve always loved having an audience and making people smile,” says 14-year-old Soni Bringas. “At the end of my first year dancing, I was in a big recital for a huge crowd—I was hooked after that.” That love of performing helped Soni’s career skyrocket. Her jam-packed resumé already includes an appearance in the video for Kimbra’s “90s Music,” performing in the Season 19 finale of “Dancing with the Stars” and scoring the role of Ramona Gibbler in the upcoming Netflix series “Fuller House.”

“I’m most proud of not having given up. Sometimes you don’t book a job for a while, and you wonder if it’s worth all the training and sacrifice. But if you’re able to get through these phases, your time comes sooner or later.”

Fast Facts

February 2, 2002

Beaverton, OR

“I take classes at Millennium Dance Complex, Edge Performing Arts Center, International Dance Academy and Movement Lifestyle, all in L.A.”

Favorite foods:
sushi, chocolate, cheese, potatoes and popcorn

Go-to stress reliever:
horseback riding

Favorite emojis:


Favorite dancer of all time:
Teddy Forance

Advice for
“It’s cool to be inspired by all the ‘celebrity’ dancers and their social media presence. But remember to be who you are. You may dance differently than your idol, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. Just keep training and enjoy the journey!”