Zendaya Releases New Finding Neverland Music Video

January 24, 2016

’s official Finding Neverland: The Album music video, for her remixed version of the song “Neverland,” is filled with some awesomely dancey moments—and a little Broadway magic.

Zendaya surrounded by waltzing dancers. (screenshot via Vimeo)

The video takes place on a glam theater stage and features choreography by Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Ian Eastwood, who both also make dance appearances. There are some great duet moments (Zendaya herself gets swept away in a waltz with Chmerkovskiy), some gorgeous group-dance sequences AND a slower hip-hop segment.

The hip-hop sequence (screenshot via Vimeo)

The video also adds an enchanting Peter Pan-esque plot with a mysterious Hook character played by Tony Award-winner Bryan Cranston (one of the producers of Finding Neverland), who lets Zendaya in on a little industry advice.

Watch below and prepare to be #obsessed.

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