ZooNation Versus The Royal Ballet: Dance Battle Edition

March 22, 2017

Pick one, if you can: Fierce hip hoppers or poised ballet dancers. There’s really no way to choose, is there? And this dance battle between Royal Ballet principal Steven McRae and ZooNation dancer Turbo doesn’t really help.

Both companies perform a version of Alice in Wonderland at the Royal Opera House in London. The Royal Ballet does Christopher Wheeldon’s massive Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, while ZooNation performs a hip-hop version called The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Both feature a Mad Hatter, so naturally they needed to battle it out.

It’s a bit cheesy, and clearly designed for a children’s program, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. Make sure you watch to the end, where the kids bust out there own (adorable) moves.