10 Years of Viral Dance in One Perfect Video

April 19, 2016

It’s kind of insane to think about the number of viral dance crazes that’ve taken over the internets in the past decade. Partly because the internets compress time in weird ways. (It feels like Chicken Noodle Soup happened A MILLION years ago…but it also feels like it happened last week.) Partly, too, because some of these dances are basically never going to disappear. (The Dougie may have achieved peak virality in 2010, but you’re going to do it at every wedding you go to, forever.)

Here’s the thing about viral dance: Silly as it can be, it plays a big role in shaping the way the world sees, and thinks about, dance. Because when everyone from top-level commercial dancers to Hillary Clinton to Cam Newton is Dabbing, suddenly the Dab is part of a much bigger conversation.

This week, The New Yorker (of all places!) released a kind of amazing little video walking us through some of the top viral dance crazes of the past 10 years. Showing off their best Stanky Legs and Milly Rocks and Whips and Nae Naes are everybody from Dragon House Crew members to the girls of the UCLA gymnastics team to Natasha Adorlee Johnson of ODC/Dance. And the result is totally irresistible. Take a look:

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