13 Ways to Celebrate The End of 2013

December 30, 2013

You’ve only got a few hours left to bask in whatever glory 2013 held for you. Whether this year was triumphant or at times disappointing, we’re sure you have something to celebrate—hopefully lots of things to celebrate!

Before you get wrapped up in the excitement and possibility that lies in 2014, take some time today to reflect on the 12 months that just passed. And then party on, because that’s what New Year’s Eve is really all about.

Here are 13 Dance Spirit editor-approved ways to leave 2013 with a bang!

1. Break a sweat!
What better way to start the last day of the year than by squeezing in a quality workout? Your studio might be closed today (boo!), so grab your girlfriends and go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood or try any of these at-home exercises.

2. Have a dance party.
Duh. Bust a move to the best songs from 2013. Our favorite booty-shaking tunes this year were Aviici’s “Wake Me Up,” Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” (just try listening to it without breaking it down), “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and “Royals” by Lorde. “Wrecking Ball” montage optional—proceed with caution.

Just For Kix Kombat Boots

3. Set the tone for the rest of your night by getting dressed in something sparkly.
New Year’s Eve is all about the glitter, and who does sparkle better than dancers? We’re obsessed with these Kombat boots by Just for Kix.

4. Re-watch
from the beginning.
The episodes are short but substantial. We’ve loved every single one.

5. Feeling lucky? Try to win stuff!
Click here to enter all of Dance Spirit‘s current giveaway contests.

6. Test your pirouette progress.
How many could you whip out at the beginning of 2013? What about now? Prep and go, then report back—we want to know how many you can do!

7. Confess to your crush.
OK, this one’s a little gutsy, we know. But how cool would it be to go into 2014 knowing you held nothing back in the previous year? If you’ve got a love interest in mind, let him or her know! You just may find yourself with a mistletoe buddy at midnight.

Jo+Jax jumper on the left, Discount Dance Supply leggings on the right. Awesome all over.

8. Treat yourself.
Got some extra holiday cash lying around? Get yourself something great! (My eyes are on this Jo+Jax jumper and these Discount Dance Supply leggings.)

9. Make your social media goals for the new year.
Want to get more followers? Here’s how.

10. Work on your Power Move.
What’s your signature trick? Every dancer should have a move she can master every time. Here are two ideas to get your creative juices flowing: Zoey Anderson’s leg-hold turn and Jakob Karr’s layout.

11. Find that tiara hidden deep inside your costume closet.
Put it on. Because why not?

12. Tell your friends and family you love them.
Was someone extra supportive of you this year? Was there a particular dance teacher who helped you reach your goals? Grab your phone, send that “I’m so thankful for you” text and feel good knowing you made someone else feel good.

13. Slip into something cozy and go to sleep.
You gave 2013 your all—well done. Sweet dreams!

Cheers to 2013 and here’s to 2014! May your year be filled with health, happiness, hugs and high scores.