2007 Cover Model Search Winner Maci Cameron Heads to Camp

June 10, 2008

I just got back from Pom Camp with Westmoore Pom. We’re there for 3 and 1/2 days on OU campus. We eat in the cafeteria and sleep in the dorms. We even have door decorations. We learn dances and then have to be evaluated by them. This year we got all blue ribbons except for one red ribbon. It’s never happened before so we were really excited. We brought a home routine and won first place with it. Each squad learns an “A routine” and we have to change up the dance but at least one person has to be doing the original choreography at all times. We won this too! For fun, we have Drill Downs. This is a game for listening and following directions. It’s a series of military commands and motions. It keeps everyone on their feet and is a fun competition. We also had a guest choreographer come in and we got to take a master class from him. Camp is a great experience from us because we bond and really have a chance to grow closer as a team. We enjoy it more and more every year. It was sad for me and six other girls because it was our last camp.