2007 in review and other thoughts…

October 8, 2007

Hello, all! I am all by my lonesome in the office today, so I thought I’d write you all and say hello! (Abby is on vacation, and Kate is at a photo shoot for our February 2008 cover… but you’ll have to wait until then to see who it will be!) 

First off, apologies for not writing last week. We were shipping December’s issue out the door, and it got very hectic! I think you all will love the issue. We are very proud of it. Of course, we’re proud of all of them, but each issue has its own unique charms. 
One of the features in December is a look back at 20 dance moments from 2007 that made us say “MOG!” Without giving away what we picked here in the office, I’d love to hear from you: What were your favorite dance shows, videos, books, etc from this year? Is there anything happening in the next two months that you’re really looking forward to? It will be fun to compare what you come up with to our list! Maybe we’ll even post your comments on dancespirit.com/, as a supplement to our story. 🙂 E-mail your thoughts to our web editor, Alison Feller, at [email protected]. 
can’t wait to hear from you, 
P.S.: For those of you who read my blog entry two weeks ago about performing, here’s the dirt: My show went really really well–maybe I’ll even post a picture or two. 🙂 But, during the last performance, one girl fell and broke her foot! MOG! She’s going to be fine, but it just goes to show you–always expect the unexpected onstage, right?