Here are the 2016 Princess Grace Award Winners!

July 28, 2016

Each year, the Princess Grace Awards highlights outstanding achievement and potential in performance and choreography. Basically, they give a super prestigious award to deserving members of the dance community, and it just so happens that we’ve usually had our eye on the same folks.

This year, Camille A. Brown and Leslie Odom Jr. won the Statue Award, which is given to previous Princess Grace winners who’ve shown sustained achievement. If you’re as fascinated by Brown’s complex, important choreography as we are, you’re going to love our September issue (wink, wink). And you know we’re obsessed with anything Hamilton-related.

Dance Scholarships went to Tyson Clark, a trainee at the Boston Ballet School and Riley O’Flynn, a Juilliard student. Dance Fellowships were awarded to Trisha Brown Dance’s Marc Crousillat, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago member Jeffery Duffy, Visceral Dance Chicago’s Paige Fraiser (who we turned to for advice on dealing with scoliosis), Tamisha Guy (a dancer who Kyle Abraham singled out when we asked him who he loves working with), and Dance Theatre of Harlem member Chyrstyn Fentroy.

Paige Fraser (Photo by Todd Rosenberg, courtesy Nick Pupillo)

Whew, is that enough talent for you?

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