Here's Your 2021 Dance Horoscope

December 22, 2020

2020 has been a time. So if you’re like us, you’re getting excited (and hopeful) about what 2021 might bring. What better way to look to the future than to look to the stars? That’s right, your resident Dance Spirit astrologers are here with your dance horoscopes of 2021.

And to make this year *extra* special, we enlisted the help of pro astrologer Aliza Kelly to tap us into what’s to come. And before we get into the specifics, we have some exciting news to share: 2021 probably won’t be the same dumpster-fire extravaganza we saw in 2020. According to Aliza, we’ve seen our share of super bizarre, unprecedented astrology goings-on in the last 12 months, and we won’t see them repeated soon. Instead, 2021 is going to bring massive innovation—especially in the dance world.

So find your sign (and your rising sign!) and see your dance horoscope for 2021.


Think outside yourself in 2021, Aries. This year is going to be all about activism and innovation for you, so focus on bettering your community, rather than just yourself. Consider how you can make change in the dance world—for the better. Research organizations that are already having an impact, like Broadway for Racial Justice, Final Bow for Yellowface, and the International Association of Blacks in Dance, or follow your passion and strike out on your own. It’s your year to take risks.


It feels like you’ve been working, day in and day out, year after year—but nobody seems to notice. Sound familiar, Taurus? Well buck up, little bull, because this is the year your hard work pays off. Whatever you’ve been striving towards, be it the leading role or a company contract, this is your time to reach out and grab it. Look forward to a year of professional success. You deserve it.


Gemini, you love to learn, and 2021 will be no different. Get ready to expand your horizons and your worldview, through education, personal growth, and travel (if and when it’s possible). If you’ve been considering a collegiate dance program, a choreography intensive, a dance history course, or another learning experience, this is the perfect year for it. One day, you’ll be an expert. This is your year to be a student.


Have you been feeling nostalgic, Cancer? If you’re tempted to binge-watch old recital videos or reconnect with an old dance teacher, don’t ignore that inclination. Lean into it—2021 is a good year for you to go back to the basics, literally and metaphorically. Return to barre, and focus on your technique. Break it down, and then break it down again. Reconnect with your love of dance, and remember where your passion stems from. Your past can serve as a powerful resource.


Get ready to pas de deux, Leo, because this year will be all about partnership. While your tendency is to act independently, this year, consider collaboration. Working with another person or entity will only benefit you, Leo. Is there a choreographer you’ve been wanting to work with? A pas partner you love to dance alongside? A company contract that’s been awaiting your signature? Resist the urge to go it alone, and you’ll see how close collaboration can help you to grow as an individual.


Have you been feeling off balance, Virgo? If so, take 2021 as a chance to get back on track. This year is the perfect time for you to focus on your health, both mental and physical. Find a routine that works for you, but remember: You’re in control of the schedule, not the other way around. If an aspect of your day isn’t serving you, be it an online dance class you don’t totally love, or an extra rehearsal you’re only involved in out of obligation, let it go. Find the dancing you can put your heart and soul into.


This is a creative year for you, Libra. Get ready to feel artistically inspired, to feel the *spark* you may have been missing. For some time now you’ve been experiencing what feels like dancer’s block (or choreographer’s block), and this year will provide a chance to break free. Take this opportunity to express yourself creatively—with a concept video, a choreographic collaboration, or just put on some music and move around the house. Be prepared for inspiration to strike at any moment.


Return to the heart of it, Scorpio. If you’ve been feeling disconnected lately, go back to your roots. What helped you to find your love of dance? Were you a bunhead growing up? Tapping before you could even walk? Did you teach yourself hip hop off of old music videos? Wherever your love of dance began, return to it. Going back to the basics will help ground you—and then can move forward even stronger.


Be social, Sagittarius. You’ve been feeling internalized, even isolated in 2020—and after all, who hasn’t? But 2021 is an important year for you to fortify your bonds with your peers. Exhausting as it might sound, you need to work to connect this year: Plan social gatherings with your dance friends and colleagues, even if they have to happen over Zoom. You’ll be inspired by your community, and you will see your creativity flourish for it.


Close out the online shopping cart, Capricorn. Think about this: You need the tools before you can create the masterpiece. This year, focus on what needs to be had in order to create. Have you been eyeing an at-home barre, or craving clean studio space? Is there a set of high-tech video equipment you know will take your online classes to the next level? Trust us—you don’t need another set of tie-dye sweatpants, Capricorn. Get what you need to make your art happen.


Have you been feeling lost, or taken advantage of, Aquarius? This is your year to reclaim your independence. Focus in on your personal identity with new self-expression techniques, be it improvisation, yoga, journaling, or free movement—these will fuel your craft. You need to take energetic ownership of yourself, and of your work. Be autonomous, Aquarius.


Follow your intuition, Pisces. This is going to be a spiritual year for you—be prepared to create work from the deep recesses of your mind. If you’re choreographing in 2021, expect it to be emotional, spiritual, and deeply tapped into the collective consciousness. And as you face major changes in the dance world, remember to follow your instincts: They will steer you right.