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What’s in Your Dance Bag—Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes our dance bags feel like portals to another dimension—we have no idea what half the stuff buried in our bags even is. (Note to self: Clean out dance bag.) But have you ever wondered if there’s a method to the madness? We’re pretty sure there is, and as always, we’re pretty sure it’s something […]

Here's Your 2021 Dance Horoscope

2020 has been a time. So if you’re like us, you’re getting excited (and hopeful) about what 2021 might bring. What better way to look to the future than to look to the stars? That’s right, your resident Dance Spirit astrologers are here with your dance horoscopes of 2021. And to make this year *extra* […]

Co–Star, But Make It Dance

You’ve probably heard of the astrology app Co–Star. Maybe you’ve even been on the receiving end of some of its notoriously meme-worthy, bordering-on-shady push notifications. But what if the stars could give you dancer-specific advice? Here’s what your alerts might look like if Co–Star were made just for dancers. Is it fear or complacency that […]