Co–Star, But Make It Dance

July 22, 2020

You’ve probably heard of the astrology app Co–Star. Maybe you’ve even been on the receiving end of some of its notoriously meme-worthy, bordering-on-shady push notifications. But what if the stars could give you dancer-specific advice? Here’s what your alerts might look like if Co–Star were made just for dancers.

Is it fear or complacency that keeps you from trying that new dance style?

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Channel your nervous energy into petit allégro today.

Be your own choreographer.

Treat yourself to a smoothie and a date with your foam roller.

Don’t let comparison interfere with your performance.

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Pay special attention to the transition steps today.

Think about why you admire that famous dancer on Instagram.

Answer honestly: Are you ignoring corrections because you don’t think they apply to you?

If you can’t turn en dehors, try turning en dedans.

Challenge yourself to dance at the front of the room.

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Do you find yourself improv-ing to the same songs every day?