40 Years of Lubovitch

July 14, 2009

Amid the torrent of change
in the late 1960s, the American dance scene got a jolt of originality from dancemaker Lar Lubovitch. The film, Broadway, concert dance and ice-dance (MOG!) choreographer established a growing ground for his unique flavor of movement in 1968. Since then he’s continually inspired and intrigued dance lovers from cross-cuts of genres and generations. “I’ve always called what I do just ‘dance.’ It’s not in one specific, nameable style; it’s all-inclusive,” says Lubovitch. “I cross borders between dance languages and combine them.”


The 14-member company is now celebrating 40 years with a national tour from Durham, NC, to Seattle, WA. It includes a stop in the Big Apple for two special programs: First, the troupe revived seminal works at NYC’s Dance Theater Workshop in October. It will also appear at New York City Center from November 5 to 9 with works from Lubovitch’s entire canon.


And with new creations and teaching gigs coming from the cerebral choreographer, audiences can look forward to many more years of Lubovitch moves.

“I never abandoned my process; I remain curious, I want to do better than I’ve done and I’m always willing to try again to get it right,” says Lubovitch.

“I’m desirous of keeping my imagination alive—I do what I do because I am an artist. It’s not by choice, but by nature, that I create.” —LK