5 Dancers You Should Be Following on Instagram

June 12, 2017

One of the benefits of social media is that it gives everyone a platform to showcase their work—and that’s especially valuable for gifted dancers. Here are five SERIOUSLY talented dance artists, all on the cusp of superstardom, who inspire us on the daily on Instagram. If you want more positive messages, choreographic inspirations, and gorgeous photos in your Insta feed, give them a a follow.

1. Erica Klein

Erica Klein is a dancer and choreographer based in L.A. Nobody moves quite like she does—and few are as passionately devoted to their art. The best part about her Instagram profile is the honest way she communicates with her followers about her choreography and her improv sessions.

2. Mitchel Federan

Mitchel Federan is another West Coast dancer/choreographer, who routinely posts powerful class combos and inspiring concept videos. Following him also means an up-close-and-personal look at what it’s like to assist Brian Friedman!

3. Chad McCall

Self-proclaimed “movement maker” Chad McCall choreographs for multiple studios on the West Coast. His work is gorgeously innovative, and he’s always vocal about how grateful he is to be doing what he loves.

4. Emily Greenwell

We think the world needs to see more of Emily Greenwell, a contemporary dancer and choreographer based in NYC. Her creative collaborations with friend and fellow dancer Jenna Maslechko (like the one above) are especially brilliant.

5. Kristin Sudeikis

Kristin Sudeikis is another contemporary dancer/choreographer based in NYC. She travels all over the world teaching master classes, and produces interesting work for both the concert and the commercial dance scenes. Sudeikis encourages dancers to connect with the movement beyond a physical level, often tying her work to social activism.