5 Comp Kids Dish on the Danciest Gifts They Received Over the Holidays

January 6, 2019

We caught up with five major competition stars to get the deets on what was on their wish lists this past December—and their responses were positively dancetastic. Check out what they’re most excited about using in the new year to help further their resolutions, and get some inspiration on what to ask for at your next big celebration!

1. Hailey Bills

“I got some Jo+Jax dancewear, a new dance bag from Adidas, a Plumband stretch band, and some Apple Air pods so I can warmup without having to be connected to a device! I wonder how I can convince my mom that an iPhone X will help me with my training 🤔😂”

2. Cameron Voorhees

“I asked for new Madi Mac dancewear for when I’m feeling sassy, and Jo+Jax dancewear for when I’m feeling sporty. I got them both! I was also given a trip to Massachusetts for a Gen IV intensive where I’ll get to stay at a dorm on campus—I’m so excited. I was hoping that if I was really really good, then maybe, just maybe, Santa would let me attend Jump Hawaii. Lucky for me, my grandma gave it to me.”

3. Brady Farrar

“For Christmas, I was super-excited to get some Hanami ballet shoes by Capezio (they’re my absolute favorite), and David Hallberg’s A Body of Work book.”

4. Jaxon Willard

“Something I asked for was to be able to attend Talia Favia‘s new dance event, Chapters. I wanted to go to Chapters because I wanted to learn even more from Talia as a choreographer and a dancer. She understands me and my vision, and she genuinely loves and cares for every student she works with. I got to go, and it was lifechanging. I was able to learn more things about myself than I’ve never understood before, and it was a super-safe environment.”

5. Elliana Walmsley

“Something I got for Christmas this year that I’m really excited to use are a variety of bath bombs that I’ll put in my baths to help sooth my aching muscles.”