7 Audition #Fails Every Dancer Has Experienced

February 14, 2019

Let’s be real: Auditions can be rough. No matter how prepared you are, a lot of variables go into every audition—which means even the best of us mess up sometimes! Here are 7 audition fails every dancer has experienced at one point or another.

When You Get the Audition Time Wrong

You thought you arrived an hour early…but the audition actually started 15 minutes ago.

When You Bring the Wrong Dance Clothes

Nothing is more soul-crushing than showing up in your cutest crop top and leggings and realizing everyone else is wearing leotards and pink tights.

When You Bump Into the Person Next to You

Cue the excessive apologizing for messing up their audition as well. Why are audition rooms always so crowded??

When You Can’t Figure Out How to Count the Music

I’m sorry, that’s a 6-count, and then two counts of 7, and then the saut de chat is on…11?

When You Forget Part of the Combo

Hey, learning 12 counts of 8 in 15 minutes is HARD. Give us a break!

When You Didn’t Think You’d Be Singing But Then They Ask You to Sing

Wait—since when is this show a musical?

When You Injure Yourself Mid-Audition

The absolute worst. The silver lining? The director will definitely remember you.