A Dancing Panda, a Marching Band, and a Whole Lot More Showed Up at This Year's E3 Expo

June 12, 2018

Fresno State’s marching band performance at the E3 Expo, the world’s coolest gaming event, was over-the-top in the best possible way. Each year, Ubisoft (the company responsible for the cult-classic game Just Dance) puts together a fun performance filled with fame, talent, and a dash of humor for the unveiling of its new and improved version of the game. Last year, Bebe Rexha performed!

Kicking off this year’s L.A. festivities was none other than a dancing panda, a few live instruments courtesy of Fresno State, and a brightly colored crew and set.

Just Dance 2019 has already gotten a ton of attention for its 40 new songs and Wii version, but we’re pretty sure this extravagant opening performance will steal the limelight.

Check it out: