A Day in the Life of Isabella Boylston

October 6, 2015


Do you guys wish every day could be World Ballet Day? I know I do. Luckily, we have behind-the-scenes photo essays like this one from Marie Claire, featuring American Ballet Theatre principal Isabella Boylston, to tide us over until next October.

Even though she has a gorgeous Instagram account, Boylston is relatively private compared to some of her contemporaries, who are total social media mavens (Hi Maria Kochetkova and Dusty Button!). That makes it extra-special when we get a chance to peek behind the scenes at the sweat and glamour of her ballerina life.

Some of my favorite photos from the essay are below.

Boylston radiating charm (photo by Kathryn Wirsing)


(Photo by Kathryn Wirsing)

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