A Hip-Hop Conversation on Film

May 6, 2010

If you’re hip-hop fan or have recently started taking hip-hop dance classes, you might want to check out History and Concept of Hip-Hop Dance. This short documentary, conceived and directed by Moncell Durden, a Philadelphia-based choreographer, dancer and dance historian, is a crash course into the world of hip-hop. Using footage ranging from the early hip-hop scene to current hip-hop culture, and interviews with dancers—including thoughtful commentary from hip-hop guru Rennie Harris—the movie touches on some of the most important (and controversial) aspects of hip-hop: its definition, artistic components, and, of course, the issue of authenticity. Who can call themselves “hip-hop”? And how has commercializing hip-hop changed what began as a street dance vernacular? History and Concept of Hip-Hop Dance doesn’t provide answers to all the questions raised; it tends to circle around ideas and concepts. But the discussion presented, along with the captivating dance footage, provides plenty for curious hip-hop fans to enjoy.