A Wonder-ful Premiere: Evidence at the Joyce

February 7, 2011

Ronald K. Brown’s Evidence begins a run tonight at NYC’s Joyce Theater, which will feature the world premiere of On Earth Together, a suite of pieces set to Stevie Wonder songs. The soulful singer is a good match for the company, drawing out the choreography’s quiet but smoldering emotion.


But the version audiences will see this week isn’t complete. Various theaters and organizations throughout the U.S. have commissioned additional songs, and Brown will choreography these pieces on-site. He’s already visited some of the communities, and during his stay taught residents the opening moves to “All I do.” It looks simple: step touches with high knees accented by loose arms thrown to the sky (and the sequence is a good example of Brown’s signature style, which blends African and contemporary dance influences). But there’s complexity beneath the calm. At a recent rehearsal, Brown taught the moves to a few visitors. They followed along, struggling to match the dancers’ seemingly effortless execution, but obviously enjoying themselves. It would be hard not to given Wonder’s joyful declaration of love.


For more information about Evidence at the Joyce, click here.