ABT Principals on "Gossip Girl"!

November 4, 2010

Hey, Upper East Siders: Get ready for a couple of awesome dance cameos on one of television’s most scandalous shows! American Ballet Theatre principals Ethan Stiefel and Gillian Murphy will both appear on the November 8th episode of “Gossip Girl,” playing guests at a “fictional ballet gala” attended by Blair and Serena. We’re guessing the gorgeous couple will have no problem fitting into the show’s glamorous world of upper-crust Manhattanites.

But we have to admit it: When we heard about the cameos, our first thought was, Please, oh TV gods, please let them actually dance! Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely. An early still from the episode (check it out here) shows Stiefel and Murphy just standing around outside of Lincoln Center. And that’s not unexpected: Awesome as it is that “GG” has consistently featured appearances by fabulous artists (a slew of fashion designers, including Diane Von Furstenberg and Tory Burch, appeared in the Fashion’s Night Out-themed episode a couple of weeks ago), it rarely highlights those artists’ considerable skills. Usually they’ll just show up at a party, drop a line or two, and disappear. Their appearances are little “Easter eggs” designed to make those already in the know feel that much cooler, rather than attempts to introduce audience members who may not be familiar with Isaac Mizrahi’s work to all its glories–or those unfamiliar with ballet to all ITS glories.

Think about it: How AMAZING would it be if Blair and Chuck finally reunited in the audience during a passionate performance of Romeo and Juliet‘s balcony pas de deux by Stiefel and Murphy? “Life” imitating art!

Sigh. We can dream, can’t we?

You know you love us. XOXO,

Michael and Margaret