“SYTYCD” Season 7: Finale!

August 12, 2010

It’s official: girl power has prevailed and Lauren Froderman has been named “America’s Favorite Dancer!” Lauren, a front-runner from the moment they first aired a clip of her audition footage, proved to be a consistent contender throughout an otherwise tumultuous season. We’re psyched that the American television audience deemed her worthy of the hefty prize package featuring $250,000, a role in a print advertising campaign for Gatorade, and a spot on the cover of the November issue of
Dance Spirit
! (We can’t wait to meet her!)


The finale show itself was pretty entertaining. Here’s a rundown of my favorite moments:


-The opening number, featuring the Top 11 dancers (even Alex!) and the All-Stars, dancing to a high-energy piece choreographed by
’s Christopher Scott.


-The return of
Mary Murphy
. Though her mysterious season-long absence went unexplained (where was she?), I was still thrilled that we didn’t have to go an entire season without at least one of Murphy’s trademark screams and a reference to the old “Hot Tamale Train.” Oh Mary, I’ve missed you!


-The performance by the Quest Crew, which featured Season 1’s Ryan and Season 3’s Hok. Their piece was an impressive blend of b-boy (and girl) tricks, balanced with strong technical choreography.


-The jaw-dropping appearance by Luke Spring, a seven-year-old tap prodigy.


-Ellen DeGeneres’ surprise attempt to fill Alex’s shoes by performing Tabitha and Napoleon’s “Outta Your Mind” routine. She may not have been able to do all the tricks in the original choreography, but I was still impressed by how well she kept up with Twitch. There aren’t many other 52-year old, untrained women out there who could pull that off. You go, girl!


So, what did you think of the results? Have any messages that you want us to pass along to Lauren at our photo shoot next week? Send us a note