Aidan Prince (of Swag)

October 20, 2014

Last week, we introduced you to waving prodigy Adi Malcolm, who joined the ranks of DS‘s favorite 11-year-olds, along with Canadian firecracker Taylor Hatala. We couldn’t believe the level of mastery exhibited by dancers who really haven’t been dancing for very long.

This week, the crazy talent got even younger. Yesterday, we introduced you to an 8-year-old Patrick-Swayze-enthusiast with hips that do not lie. And today, we would like you to meet Aidan Prince, the 8-year-old hip-hopper who just blew up your internet.

This kid. (via Aiden Prince’s webstagram, @iambahboy)

Last week, choreographer Tricia Miranda posted a video of Aidan performing her choreography to “Jet Blue Jet” by Major Lazer. The video quickly racked up over one million views, and after watching the video a few (read: 20) times ourselves, we quickly understood why.

From the slow walks at the beginning, oozing with gritty, you-got-served swag, to the lightning-fast footwork that erupts from them—the choreography perfectly captures Aidan’s stylistic maturity. At the same time, there are endearing moments where his adorable 8-year-old side shines through—particularly when he accepts the hugs and applause of his older peers with a smile that warms you from head to toe. Check out all the loveable fierceness:

Keep up that smile, Aidan, and you’ll be winning audience’s hearts for years to come.