Alex Rodriguez Took a Hip-Hop Class with Jimmy Fallon and It Was…Something

April 24, 2019

If Jennifer Lopez is a great dancer, and you are Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé, is there some kind of transitive property that means you are at least a pretty good dancer? Does her dance fabulosity, like, osmose into you?

“The Tonight Show” just showed us that the answer to both those questions is, unfortunately, a hard no. But bless Alex Rodriguez, betrothed of J.Lo, for trying.

A-Rod and “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon headed to Broadway Bodies dance studio in NYC to try out a hip-hop class, learning a booty-centric routine to DJ Kool’s classic “Let Me Clear My Throat.” The results were not stellar, although both were pretty great sports about it all. And we’re guessing A-Rod now has even more respect for his soon-to-be wife’s talent.

Alex Rodriguez and Jimmy Crash a Hip-Hop Dance Class