Allison Holker Reflects on SYTYCD

September 17, 2009
Hey Everyone! 
Allison Holker here from “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 2! I don’t know about you guys, but aren’t you so excited that the new season of “SYTYCD” has started? What season are they on now…? Season 6! That’s crazy! The show was such an amazing experience for me. It taught me so much and really opened a lot of doors.
From being on the show, I learned what it takes to be a working professional, how you always have to be on time, do exactly what your choreographer says and be ready for anything. You also have to learn how to have patience whenever you’re on a job. There are going to be times when you’re waiting to get a costume fitted, or you’re not in the next dance and you have to just wait your turn—with a smile on your face! Spend that time working on your stuff on your own; you can never be too good!!!
My favorite part of being on “SYTYCD” was being able to work with their choreographers. They are all so brilliant and wise in their specific fields of dance. They come into the rehearsal with an idea, and it’s your job to portray that idea and bring it to life. They always made sure we knew what we were doing and felt good onstage! You have to trust your choreographer, and let them mold you into the character they want…and if you do that you’ll look amazing!
Good luck!
Love ya,


Allison Holker, best known for her top 8 performance on Season 2 of “So You Think You Can Dance,”  trained at The Dance Club in Orem, UT, from the age of 9, in contemporary, ballet, jazz and tap. Growing up, Allison was involved in competitions, and won National Senior outstanding dancer at New York City Dance Alliance and at Co. Dance Nationals. She has performed live with Earth, Wind and Fire, and the opening and closing ceremonies at the Utah Olympics in 2002. Allison was featured in the tap show 
Revolution that performed at The Joyce in NYC. She later had the opportunity to be a cheerleader in the hit Disney movies High School Musical and High School Musical 2. You can now find Allison teaching with dance conventions and workshops across the country, and performing and touring with the show called “Ballroom with a Twist,” choreographed by “Dancing with the Stars’ ” Louie Van Amstel.